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Worm Drive Stainless Hose Clips

All Stainless Worm Drive Hose Clip choose size.

Brass Insert Threaded

Brass Insert Fixings various types and sizes.

VP Racing Fuel Jug Fittings

VP Racing Fuel Jug Replacement Screw Cap or Filler Hose.

OEM Front Cover Spring

OEM Front Cover Spring fits Yamaha & Kawasaki supplied with 2 washers.

Price: £2.99 (2.49 exc VAT)
Power Valve Gasket

Aftermarket Seadoo 785 800 Powervalve gasket. Also fits aftermarket power valves (e.g. DASA).

Price: £3.00 (2.50 exc VAT)
OEM Grommet For HT Lead Yamaha

OEM Grommet For HT (Ignition Lead) Yamaha

Price: £3.60 (3.00 exc VAT)
Flame Arrestor-Airbox Gasket OEM

Yamaha Flame Arrestor Gasket 38mm holes

Price: £3.74 (3.12 exc VAT)
Stainless Bolt Set Flywheel Cover

A2 Stainless bolt set and washers for Front cover.

Price: £3.90 (3.25 exc VAT)
V Force 3 Reed Gasket

Aftermarket Yamaha V Force 3 Reed Gasket.

Price: £4.99 (4.16 exc VAT)
OEM Woodruff Flywheel Key

Genuine OEM Woodruff Key Yamaha fits many models

Price: £6.00 (5.00 exc VAT)
OEM Self Sacrificing Anode

Genuine OEM Self Sacrificing Anode

Price: £6.00 (5.00 exc VAT)
Brass Insert Pump Mounting

Brass Insert Pump Mounting x 1

Price: £6.00 (5.00 exc VAT)
OEM Inlet Manifold Gasket Yamaha

OEM Inlet Manifold Gasket Yamaha

Price: £7.00 (5.83 exc VAT)
Inline Fuse Holder

Inline Splashproof fuse holder and 10 amp fuse

Price: £7.20 (6.00 exc VAT)
OEM Grommet For Flywheel Cover Yamaha

OEM Grommet Blank ( no holes) Yamaha
For use in Flywheel cover, used with ATP Total Loss systems also.

Price: £7.78 (6.48 exc VAT)
OEM Bronze Bush Bendix- Starter

OEM Yamaha Bronze bush for use in either the front cover Bendix or crank case Starter Motor.

Price: £8.59 (7.16 exc VAT)
Header Pipe Gasket Factory B Pipe

Header Pipe Gasket for use on Factory "B"  Pipe plus others.

Price: £9.00 (7.50 exc VAT)
Yamaha Twin Carb Reed Spacer Gasket

Aftermarket Yamaha 701 & 760 Twin Carb Reed Spacer Gasket.

Price: £9.00 (7.50 exc VAT)
OEM Cylinder Base Gasket Yamaha

Genuine OEM Cylinder Base Gasket Yamaha.

Price: £10.00 (8.33 exc VAT)
Carb Base Gasket OEM

Yamaha Carb Base Gasket Twin Carbs

Price: £10.00 (8.33 exc VAT)
Exhaust Manifold Gasket Aftermarket

Cylinder to Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Price: £10.96 (9.13 exc VAT)
Solas Impeller Removal Tool YB YD

Designed for use with Solas impellers on Yamaha watercraft (Superjet type)

Price: £10.99 (9.16 exc VAT)
Factory B Pipe Adjuster Screw & Nut pair

Factory B Pipe Header Pipe Adjuster Screw & Nut pair

Price: £10.99 (9.16 exc VAT)
OEM Bendix Weight Spring

Genuine OEM Bendix weight spring.

Price: £11.50 (9.58 exc VAT)
OEM Bendix Weight Holder-Retainer

Genuine OEM Bendix weight retainer/holder.

Price: £12.00 (10.00 exc VAT)
Stainless Bolt Set Cylinder Head

M8 A2 Stainless bolt kit for your Cylinder Head including stainless washers, socket head for ease of install.

Price: £12.00 (10.00 exc VAT)
Stainless Pump Bolt Set (4)

Pump Bolt set 4 pack Yamaha SJ stainless cap head with washers may fit other models using same pump.

Price: £12.00 (10.00 exc VAT)
Front Cover Gasket Aftermarket

Aftermarket Front / Flywheel Cover Gasket.

Price: £13.00 (10.83 exc VAT)
Electric Box Seal Aftermarket

Aftermarket Electric Box rubber seal/gasket

Price: £13.20 (11.00 exc VAT)
Pump Bolt OEM

Yamaha OEM Pump Bolt M6 170mm long , price is per bolt as shown

Price: £14.17 (11.81 exc VAT)