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Technical- ATP Products
ATP Cylinder Head Info G2 & G3
  ATP heads use ATP Domes - other make domes will not offer the same tolerances for ATP Heads.
Head & O'rings should be fitted with Three Bond 1211 or Similar, with calibrated gauge torqued to 28 ft lbs Girdle, 22 ft lbs head bolts, left for minimum 12 hours without cranking. Re torque after first use.
ATP Ignition Com port Check
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Main reason for not being able to connect to the ignition via the software is not having the drivers installed correctly- follow the instructions and ensure you un zip the files.
ATP Ignition Ski Tuning other
  Carbs - You may need to re-jet your carbs with bigger jets. The higher spark energy of the TS2 system means greater burn efficiency.
Impeller- Depending on what pitch you start with it may be you will need to re pitch/ re-prop if your impeller starts to slip after fitting the TS2- This is due to the fact you engine is now making more power.
ATP Ignition What Ignition Coil to use
  TS2 has been optimized & extensively tested to be used with OEM Yamaha Superjet or Kawasaki Ignition Coil.
ATP Ignition What Plugs to run
  It is essential to use resistor rated spark plugs with our digital ignitions for example BR8ES not B8ES
  ATP Ignition Warranty
TS2 Ignition System - 90 days from Purchase
TS2 Ignition System & Electric Box Kit ( ATP Built) 12 months from Purchase .
Warranty covers manufacturer defects to original purchaser.
ATP TS2 How to Reflash-
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ATP TS2 How to Test the Pick up
  • Disconnect the white wire in the ebox from the pick up
  • Put one cable from Multi meter on the end of the white wire from the pick up ( in the ebox)
  • Put the other multimeter cable to ground
  • With the battery connected this should read around 12 v , if you remove the spark plugs and rotate the engine by hand every time magnet crosses the pick up the multi meter should go to 0v or very low volts. If this happens then the pick is working
If off the ski note the pick up is pole sensitive to the magnet.

Wasted Spark Information.
  What is wasted Spark configuration and do I loose performance with wasted spark.?
  • Wasted spark is when two cylinders are fired simultaneously. One cylinder is on the compression stroke while the other is on the exhaust stroke. The spark for the compression stroke will ignite the Air/Fuel mixture. The spark for the exhaust stroke will have no effect since combustion has already occurred, thus the spark is “wasted”
  • No loss of perormance. The energy required for the spark to jump the plug gap is dependent upon cylinder pressure. More energy is required as pressure increases. Since the wasted spark occurs on the exhaust stroke, no significant amount of energy is used, allowing full energy to the spark plug on the compression stroke.